Raise Your Consciousness http://raise-your-consciousness.com Consciousness, Personal Development, Happy and Interesting Life Tue, 23 Aug 2011 15:18:38 +0000 en hourly 1 http://wordpress.org/?v=3.3.1 Making your kids financially aware – Sharing the significance of money http://raise-your-consciousness.com/blog/making-your-kids-financially-aware/ http://raise-your-consciousness.com/blog/making-your-kids-financially-aware/#comments Tue, 23 Aug 2011 15:17:05 +0000 Mikhail Subach http://raise-your-consciousness.com/?p=50 For many families in the US, speaking about money with their kids is still a taboo. The adults make money, the kids ask for them to use them and that is the end of the story. Financial experts are of the opinion that understanding credit and consumerism is equally important for the adults as well as for the kids. Not raising the financial consciousness among the kids may make them ignorant about their finances and this may lead them to fall deep into the debt cycle. Though the debt reduction companies are there to assist you in coming out of debt, yet it is always better to take certain steps to stay sure about your finances. Educating, empowering and motivating children to become investors and savers are necessary to increase the number of financially responsible citizens in the US. Have a look at some steps that you may take in order to teach your kids about finance.

  1. Communicate about the concerns of money: You’re not the only person to earn and they are not only responsible for spending what you earn. They have all rights to know about the importance and significance of money in our lives. They must know why it is important to save money and make it grow. They must also know the significance of spending money wisely so as to make it sure that they have enough funds for the near future.
  2. They should be taught the difference between needs and wants: Unless you teach your kids about the difference between the needs and the wants, they can never make good spending decisions when they grow up. The present economy is already in a tumultuous position and you must make sure that you don’t concentrate more on getting things that you want rather than what you need. Needs are those things that are your basic necessities and therefore you must have enough money to buy such things. Instead of spending more money on your wants or those that you can do without, you must get your necessities.
  3. Make them set financial goals: You must be giving them allowances in a particular month. Make sure you set some financial goals for them so that they know what it takes to achieving the goals and what the outcome is. Take them to the shop and make them buy their own things with their own money so that they know how to prioritize their expenses in order to make ends meet and reach their financial goals.
  4. Open a bank account for them: You can even open a bank account for them for making them acquainted with the proceeding of a bank. Tell them why it is important to create a savings account and save money for the future. There can be any unforeseen financial urgency and if you don’t have enough money to support you, you may have to rush to companies for taking out loans. Taking out loans make you liable to repay the amount with interest rates and therefore, you must avoid such situations.

Apart from the ABCs of Do-Re-Mi, your kids must also know how the US economy works and what the importance of money within the economy is. They must also be acquainted with the debt reduction firms but also tell them it is always better to manage their own finances than rush to professional debt help companies.

Samantha Spuckler is a writer for various finance related Communities including Debt Consolidation Care. She is a financial writer by profession and has specialization in dealing with financial problems and its solutions.  She is well equipped to write articles on debt consolidation, savings, planning, frugality, debt settlement etc.

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The cell phone – pros and cons http://raise-your-consciousness.com/blog/the-cell-phone-pros-and-cons/ http://raise-your-consciousness.com/blog/the-cell-phone-pros-and-cons/#comments Tue, 31 Mar 2009 04:25:44 +0000 Mikhail Subach http://raise-your-consciousness.com/?p=30 Nowadays usage of the cell phones is increasing constantly. If 10 years ago you could ask yourself for what purpose you need a mobile, then today you just understand that it is ‘must have’. Moreover, people who still don’t have cell phones looks at least strange. But is it so good to have a mobile friend or maybe it is your hidden enemy?

By the way, if you want to listen about mobile phone advantages, you should talk with a teenager. Active student’s life is impossible without mobiles – just because you could never predict where the student could be at the moment, but with a mobile you can easily find your friend’s location and join the fun.

Lovers will also enjoy using mobile phones, because it helps to listen to dear voice every hour for the whole day! ‘Loving number’ feature, which is supported by most of mobile phones operators, even allows saving your money… until you decide during a phone talk to go to a restaurant together :) .

In addition to this, mobile phone is necessary for making business, being the fastest and very effective way of runtime communication, when face-to-face contact is impossible or not desirable. Mobile phone operators got this idea too and provide such useful stuff like ‘corporative plans’, making business communication cheaper.

Other people buy mobile phones just because it is fashionable or in order to be on the flow or because all their friends have already done it. It is not too bad too, because it makes spiritual idea that everybody is already connected even more believable and technically supported.

However, there is one strong disadvantage of using cell phones – they spoil your health. Waves negatively affect central neural and immune system. It is sad that children use cell phones too and negative effect for them is doubled. I believe that people could find even more disadvantages, but nothing could be such important as this one.

In my opinion, the cell phone in general is a good thing, when you use it properly and not overuse it. It is like a hammer – you could use it with nails and it is good, and you could kill somebody, which is not so good. By the way, do you have an obsession with your pocket friend or not? There is a good test: turn off mobile and try to live without it for one day. How are you feeling after that? Stressed, nervous, worried and lonely or relaxed, free, opened and connected? I would be glad if you experience one or all of the last 4 feelings. But if it is not so, maybe you have to keep your mobile turned off for one more day, until obsession is gone. Let it be your conscious choice to use your mobile phone, but not a decision made by obstacles in which you are living in.

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My Conscious Life Game http://raise-your-consciousness.com/blog/my-conscious-life-game/ http://raise-your-consciousness.com/blog/my-conscious-life-game/#comments Sun, 15 Jun 2008 21:28:36 +0000 Mikhail Subach http://raise-your-consciousness.com/blog/my-conscious-life-game/ “My Conscious Life” – a game which helps people to improve themselves and live more happily, interesting and efficiently. Here is the game requirements.

My Conscious Life Game Requirements


  • The game is different each time you play it.
  • The game helps to follow the personal growth in real life.
  • The game helps make real life happier.
  • The game helps to understand and practice the Law of Attraction.


Center of the game is a person who pursues personal growth.

He develops 4 parts of himself – spirit, mind, body, heart.

Person has level of consciousness. Possible levels of consciousness: shame, guilt, apathy, grief, fear, desire, anger, pride, courage, neutrality, willingness, acceptance, reason, love, joy, peace, enlightenment.

The goal at the beginning of a game: raise the consciousness, develop 4 parts of yourself.

In game in different places showed inspirational quotes.

Define Current Personal Development Level

As starting point the person have to choose his current state of development spirit, mind, body and heart. He could enter values manually or answer the question: how I am doing in this area of my life? Later he reads his answers and describes the best of what he would like to see in each area of his life. Then he compare his current condition and the desired condition and set number from 1 to 10.

Person describe the best that there is in his life, match between what he has and what he want to have.

Discover Life Purpose

The following exercise is proposed to the player. During 20 minutes answer on a question ‘What is my purpose in life?”. The following recommendation from Steve Pavlina should be displayed:

Write down as many answers to the following question as you can think of. Don’t worry about writing in complete sentences — short phrases are fine. Start by writing the first answer that pops into your head, even if it seems totally wrong. Keep writing until you find the answer that makes you cry. It may require dozens or even hundreds of answers to reach that point, but have faith that you’ll get there. Feel free to return to this exercise whenever you wish to refine and clarify your purpose.

Life areas

  • Mind: Financial, Character, Profession, Mental
  • Heart: Emotional, Relationship, Social
  • Spirit: Contribution, Spiritual
  • Body: Home & Family, Health, Fun

If you have ideas about what would you like to see in the My Conscious Life game, please share them in comments.

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How to Help Somebody to Be a Better Person http://raise-your-consciousness.com/blog/how-to-help-somebody-to-be-a-better-person/ http://raise-your-consciousness.com/blog/how-to-help-somebody-to-be-a-better-person/#comments Tue, 25 Dec 2007 09:11:52 +0000 Mikhail Subach http://raise-your-consciousness.com/blog/how-to-help-somebody-to-be-a-better-person/ If you want to help somebody to be a better person, first of all become such a person. This is the first and the most important step: to grow. To grow spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.

Second step – interact with as many as possible people in the world. In this way you spread your life level and help other people grow by the most effective way – personal example. If someone see that you can do something, it is easier to believe that s/he can do it too. Moreover, you could be asked for advice in case of need. And s/he can see final results.

There is little difference to grow or to help people grow. The difference is that you can much more influence on your personal growth. Nobody can do it for yourself better than you. You are the master. And we will follow you.

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How to Raise Your Consciousness Ideas http://raise-your-consciousness.com/blog/how-to-raise-your-consciousness-ideas/ http://raise-your-consciousness.com/blog/how-to-raise-your-consciousness-ideas/#comments Tue, 18 Dec 2007 09:11:11 +0000 Mikhail Subach http://raise-your-consciousness.com/blog/how-to-raise-your-consciousness-ideas/ Here is a digest of ideas about how to raise your consciousness.

Levels of ConsciousnessSteve Pavlina‘s description of levels of consciousness using David R. Hawkins terminology, taken from his book “Power vs. Force”. This article will give you a map of consciousness by which you can found where you are and where you can go, if you set goal to raise your consciousness. I often refer to it, so even Russian translation of levels of consciousness description was on my wall for several month.

Raising Your Consciousness – vivid example of how raising of consciousness to the higher level occurs.

The Top 10 Ways to Raise Your Consciousness Every Day in Small Everyday Situations – Top 10 ways to raise your consciousness every day.

10 Ways to Become More Conscious – excellent ideas about how to raise your consciousness.

Becoming More ConsciousGleb Ray‘s shares his vision about how he raises his consciousness.

How to Raise Your VibrationErin Pavlina ideas which helps you with your personal development, and, of course, to raise your consciousness :) .

The most effective way to raise your consciousness is to hold an intension to raise your consciousness. Then solutions will come to you.

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The Fundamentals of Financial Competence http://raise-your-consciousness.com/blog/the-fundamentals-of-financial-competence/ http://raise-your-consciousness.com/blog/the-fundamentals-of-financial-competence/#comments Tue, 11 Dec 2007 09:11:48 +0000 Mikhail Subach http://raise-your-consciousness.com/blog/the-fundamentals-of-financial-competence/ The fundamentals of financial competence are consisted in mastering one and the only rule:

It is necessary to understand the difference between assets and liabilities, and acquire assets.

According to Robert Kiyosaki, following this rule can help everybody become rich and relieve from financial difficulties.

This rule is the first and the only one. Perhaps it seems absurdly simple but a lot of people don’t understand how important it is. Many people have financial hardships just because they do not understand the difference between assets and liabilities.

Rich people acquire assets. Poor people and middle class buy liabilities and see them as assets.

What are assets and liabilities and what is the difference between them?

Asset is what yields money.

Liability is what takes money from you.

These are the fundamentals of financial competence – the basis of your future financial success. If you have known it, sorry. Otherwise, let me congratulate you on the fact that you have just acquired the fundamentals of funancial competence. However, the knowledge is death until you come it into you consciousness and start doing something. What assets you have and what you can create or acquire?

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What To Do If I Do Not Like Something http://raise-your-consciousness.com/blog/what-to-do-if-i-do-not-like-something/ http://raise-your-consciousness.com/blog/what-to-do-if-i-do-not-like-something/#comments Tue, 04 Dec 2007 09:11:35 +0000 Mikhail Subach http://raise-your-consciousness.com/blog/what-to-do-if-i-do-not-like-something/ It is difficult to find a person who does not like to be on top of the world. There is no universal guideline how to become happy, but what obvious is that we could be in seventh heaven or somewhere nearby, if there were no worries in our life. Just imagine, if everything is going smoothly, isn’t it a bliss? How to get rid of anything, what you are worried about, what you dislike or even loathe? Of course, we can say to ourselves that everything is just fine, and look at the world through rose-tinted spectacles. But what could actually help us to be more content with our life?

If you do not like something, you have two ways: accept your state or change it. Yes, there is also the third alternative – to eliminate yourself – but it could not make anyone be on cloud nine after that. Acceptance is the starting point. Even if you want to change your situation, first of all you have to accept it, just because it is so right now. If you want to come to city X and have a map of outskirts, but do not know where you are right now, the map does not help you too much, no matter how detailed the map is.

As you fully understand your situation from your point of view, look at it from different perspectives. How do you think other people would regard this situation? How could your pet possibly think your problem? What about a bird? A stream? A mountain? It could be difficult at first to transform your mind in this way, but I bet it will be both fruitful and amazing experience. If you do not like to change your shape, look at the situation from another time perspective. How would you threat a situation if you were 5 years younger? Will it be a real problem tomorrow? In a week? In a decade? All these questions will give you a stronger understanding of what really takes place. You can get even more information about this technique from Steve Pavlina podcast “Raising Awareness Through Multiple Perspectives“.

After your current state observing, ask yourself, “could I do something in order to change the situation?”. If answer is no, you are a lucky one: all you have to do starting from now is to live. You could not change the situation and you want to live to the full, so just go ahead! Since then anxiety, complaints, resistance are all in vain. But if you strongly believe that you can change this situation, it is time to find out what could be better in it. Describe to yourself your ideal picture. What will be your life if everything is not just OK, but incredibly perfect? You do not need just to keep up with the Joneses, create the picture which is pure ecstasy for you! And if you are expecting really important and significant life changes, carry on and write down your ideal picture. You will want to refer to these notes on the way.

So now you are well-informed about your current state and desired destination. Do you need a map? Yes, actually it could be helpful, but it is not so important. If you have succeeded with the three steps provided you will do the right deeds on a whim, just as it is your second nature. Universe will give you the map, your little responsibility to make a very next step from the place where you are now to the direction where you want to be. And maybe this step will be to reread this article. ;)

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How to Think Effectively http://raise-your-consciousness.com/blog/how-to-think-effectively/ http://raise-your-consciousness.com/blog/how-to-think-effectively/#comments Tue, 27 Nov 2007 09:11:17 +0000 Mikhail Subach http://raise-your-consciousness.com/blog/how-to-think-effeciently/ It is well known that human attention can be concentrated on not more than 7 objects at the same time, plus-minus 2 when it comes to each individual. It means that while solving a problem, making a decision we can concentrate only on 7 different thoughts and usually most of us cannot think about all of the objects simultaneously but we can switch from one thought to another. However, there is an approved method how to increase the possibilities of human thinking and how to gain control over 343 elements switching among them rapidly and not forgetting a single detail. Furthermore, this method helps a creative person to generate more valuable ideas, develop them and transform them into reality.

When we moved into a new apartment I started looking over my old documents, print-outs and notes. At one point of time I came across the notes that I had made before on detachable pages of a notepad. Having revised each idea carefully, I was stunned when I found a thought that I wrote down about 6 months ago and which still seemed very useful for me. It is ironic that the same thought about developing the methodology of gaining knowledge and skills came across my mind recently and appeared to be very new to me. I had been thinking about it for a long time because this idea was developed about 6 months ago but due to the peculiarities of human thinking it was well forgotten. At that given moment of time the idea was recorded in my mind but then I forgot it and did not return to it.

This is a distinctive feature of our thinking. Albert Einstein once said: “Computers are incredibly fast, accurate and stupid. People are incredibly slow, inaccurate and remarkable. Together they are an inconceivable force.” One of 10 commandments of effective lifestyle states “Think on paper” which I understand as using any type of device or resource that can “memorize” and then reproduce my thoughts. We can easily substitute paper with some software on the computer or a dictaphone.

It is good to think on paper because having written you thought, you can let it go and come back to it later. Would you like to know why? Both we and the world around us change very quickly and therefore a lot of our ideas lose their significance after some time. When we record our idea on paper we can come back to it tomorrow, look it over, correct it using the newly acquired information and knowledge. It means that after the thought is written down you have the freedom of consciousness, you can let you mind and creativity focus on the other goals and ideas.

It is very helpful to record only relevant ideas. Record your thought during the moments of inspiration, when you mind is clear, when your intentions are full of positive energy. A good idea itself can stimulate the inspiration. Having recorded you idea you retain your position and the energy of your thought on paper. What you write with your own hand can fully transmit the conception through handwriting, through the choice of words. Having looked over and rethought what you have written before, you can experience the feeling of enthusiasm again. When I was gathering the notes with my ideas at the end of every week, was sorting them out and rereading them I experienced elation and inspiration. The best moments of realization yourself and the surrounding world merged into a flow of energy. During this time I could better understand my true self. A lot of new ideas were generated then. It was very useful to record these ideas on paper.

Only the very important has the right to be recorded on paper. The most important in our life is the life itself, our destination, our life path, and our goals. Having recorded our goals on paper we can perfect their formula, look at them from different angles. We can also fully evaluate how the potential achievement of the goals can affect different aspects of our lives, how these goals correspond to our values and beliefs. When we put our goals in words we have a unique opportunity to observe it at any moment of time, in any state regardless of what is your mind occupied with. Now we see our goals in that very state in which we would like to accomplish them. If our desires are not recorded anywhere, don’t have a precise structure and change very often they remain in the form of desires and nothing more. On the other hand, the goal that was carefully recorded will every day advance you toward its achievement helping transform your dreams into reality.

Let’s say, you decided to start making more money. For example, you current salary as of April of 2008 is 3000$. You set a goal to double your monthly income by the current month of next year (it is better to specify the amount of money and the time, for example, 6000$ by June of 2009). The goal is recorded. Now you need to find the ways to achieve it. It is clear that you can think about it without the help of paper, computer or dictaphone but by doing it you will limit yourself because you will probably concentrate on a couple, or maybe even just one, of possible solutions. “Thinking on paper” you can generate a page worth of ideas just in couple minutes. Then take a look at what you’ve written. Get rid of ideas that can have a very little impact on your income. Look at what is left on the list; find the solutions that can maximize the outcome with minimum efforts. Then once again get rid of the thoughts that conflict with your values and beliefs. In such a way using 20/80 rule you can determine the easiest and the most positive way of achieving your goal. It is very unlikely to do the same thing while “thinking in your head”.

Such simple things as a notepad and a pen can incredibly widen the potential of your thinking. For example, you can define 7 vitally important goals in different spheres of your life such as Family, Profession, Relations, Personal Development, Finances, Health, and Society. Having written them down, you can create a list of important long-term tasks in every direction; let’s also make 7 of them. Then you might analyze every task applying to your subconsciousness and find 7 most effective ways of its accomplishment. Thus you have created your life chart, that very direction by following which you can become the happiest person on Earth perhaps even helping others on your way. The most important feature of the chart is that you can always make corrections and additions to it after acquiring new knowledge and new details. The existence of such chart and especially its dynamic editing is impossible in your head. Do you have this type of chart? I do. It is kept in Action Outline. I always refer to it when making important decisions in order not to be carried away and to retain my true self. I wish you also build you own perfect life while thinking on paper!

Thinking on paper raises your consciousness ;) .

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3 Piggy Banks http://raise-your-consciousness.com/blog/3-piggy-banks/ http://raise-your-consciousness.com/blog/3-piggy-banks/#comments Tue, 20 Nov 2007 09:11:58 +0000 Mikhail Subach http://raise-your-consciousness.com/blog/3-piggy-banks/ There is a principal, which is used by people who became rich. Robert Kiyosaki calls it “3 piggy banks”. Mark Allen mentions this principal in his book “The Millionaire Course“. I follow this principal now. And I am going to share the 3 piggy banks principal with you.

First of all, what are 3 piggy banks? One of them is savings. It is the money, which you save for yourself in order to use them somehow in future. You put away money for a rainy day.

The second piggy bank is your investments. Money that you invest in something: shares, bank deposit, mutual funds, bonds, business etc. You could invest in your education too. This piggy bank is for increasing money.

The third piggy bank is for donation and charity. It is the money that you give to someone. Giving away part of your income and supporting different charity organizations, we care of each other. This piggy bank encourages you to gain more in order to give more.

Ok, I have to create 3 piggy banks, right? Right. But how can I do it if I spent all money that I get or even more? It is easy, really. Turn on you consciousness and start with 10% decision using The Law of Accumulation. Continue save 10% of you income every month until you get used to do it. You have to make a habit. It is easy to live on 90% of you income, really. When the habit is formed, you could start create another piggy bank. And then the third one. This way I have come to “3 piggy bank” principal.

Other way is proposed by Robert Kiyosaki in his video program “60 Minutes to Getting Rich“. His advice is to start putting 1$ to each piggy bank. Is it easy? I am sure, everybody, who has desire, could do it. Then start putting 10$. 100$. 1000$. 10000$. And continue to increase, until you will save 10% of you income to each piggy bank.

Put regularly 10% of your income is the principal. Another principal, which will help you to do it, is called ‘pay yourself first’. It means, when you receive money, you have to pay to your piggy banks before you will pay to someone else – government, stores, salespersons etc. Pay yourself first.

The idea of 3 piggy banks is the following: rich is who saves a lot, but not who earns a lot. There are a lot of people on the Earth who have earn a lot of money but they spend a lot of money too. If they are fired one day, they could not manage with their expenses for a long time. 3 piggy banks principal allows you to create passive income which will cover your expenses, when you earnings instantly drop down. You keep, you invest, you give away – that is why you are rich.

If you apply 3 piggy banks principal in your life, you will gain great effect. You have real abundance in your life; you have all what you want. You feel good, because you give a lot of money to others. And you do what you love to do.

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How to Become a Successful Person http://raise-your-consciousness.com/blog/how-to-become-a-successful-person/ http://raise-your-consciousness.com/blog/how-to-become-a-successful-person/#comments Tue, 13 Nov 2007 09:11:02 +0000 Mikhail Subach http://raise-your-consciousness.com/blog/how-to-become-a-successful-person/ What is success? Success is when you bask the glory. It is definitely success when you are getting some remarkable results. How to become a successful person? I do believe there are three important things: to know definition of your purpose, to know what your goals is and have a burning desire to accomplish that goals.

Do you know, what is your pre-encoded purpose? It is simple to know it from your context. E.g. if you handle something well and like to do it the most, it seems that it is your purpose to do it. If you still have not found your purpose, seize any opportunities to try something different from what you do everyday. If you find it, you will know and can loudly say to yourself: “This is my purpose to do this”. You can also refer to method proposed by Steve Pavlina in post “How to discover your life purpose in about 20 minutes” – I have tried it, and it works! Write down your propose and refer anytime you are setting goals and doing important decisions.

Do you know exactly what you want? What do you want to achieve in 5 years? How do you imagine yourself in one year? What will you do, if you know that in 6 months a thunderbolt will kill you? Is it the same thing which you are doing right now? If it is not so, you have to change your life. Set yourself a target you want to achieve and start going right now! You can refer to “How to Set Goals” manual at wikiHow. And even if you are not certain about is it the best target you can set or not – set it anyway. To have any goal set by yourself is better that not to set anything. If you do not do this, somebody else, like your boss, friend, partner, stranger or society will do it for you.

When you know your purpose and you have set a goal, do not procrastinate – do it now! Don’t play it safe, every day take any chance to move to your target. Imagine how you will feel, when you achieve it. Everyone should see a fire in your eyes. Feed yourself with motivation material, like this post, every morning on breakfast – and success will come. You can inspire youself by ideas from article “Cultivating Burning Desire“.
So if you want to be a successful person – now you know what to do. If it is still not clear – possibly you have to reread this again :) . Do it now!

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