What To Do If I Do Not Like Something

It is difficult to find a person who does not like to be on top of the world. There is no universal guideline how to become happy, but what obvious is that we could be in seventh heaven or somewhere nearby, if there were no worries in our life. Just imagine, if everything is going smoothly, isn’t it a bliss? How to get rid of anything, what you are worried about, what you dislike or even loathe? Of course, we can say to ourselves that everything is just fine, and look at the world through rose-tinted spectacles. But what could actually help us to be more content with our life?

If you do not like something, you have two ways: accept your state or change it. Yes, there is also the third alternative – to eliminate yourself – but it could not make anyone be on cloud nine after that. Acceptance is the starting point. Even if you want to change your situation, first of all you have to accept it, just because it is so right now. If you want to come to city X and have a map of outskirts, but do not know where you are right now, the map does not help you too much, no matter how detailed the map is.

As you fully understand your situation from your point of view, look at it from different perspectives. How do you think other people would regard this situation? How could your pet possibly think your problem? What about a bird? A stream? A mountain? It could be difficult at first to transform your mind in this way, but I bet it will be both fruitful and amazing experience. If you do not like to change your shape, look at the situation from another time perspective. How would you threat a situation if you were 5 years younger? Will it be a real problem tomorrow? In a week? In a decade? All these questions will give you a stronger understanding of what really takes place. You can get even more information about this technique from Steve Pavlina podcast “Raising Awareness Through Multiple Perspectives“.

After your current state observing, ask yourself, “could I do something in order to change the situation?”. If answer is no, you are a lucky one: all you have to do starting from now is to live. You could not change the situation and you want to live to the full, so just go ahead! Since then anxiety, complaints, resistance are all in vain. But if you strongly believe that you can change this situation, it is time to find out what could be better in it. Describe to yourself your ideal picture. What will be your life if everything is not just OK, but incredibly perfect? You do not need just to keep up with the Joneses, create the picture which is pure ecstasy for you! And if you are expecting really important and significant life changes, carry on and write down your ideal picture. You will want to refer to these notes on the way.

So now you are well-informed about your current state and desired destination. Do you need a map? Yes, actually it could be helpful, but it is not so important. If you have succeeded with the three steps provided you will do the right deeds on a whim, just as it is your second nature. Universe will give you the map, your little responsibility to make a very next step from the place where you are now to the direction where you want to be. And maybe this step will be to reread this article. ;)


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