How to Think Effectively

It is well known that human attention can be concentrated on not more than 7 objects at the same time, plus-minus 2 when it comes to each individual. It means that while solving a problem, making a decision we can concentrate only on 7 different thoughts and usually most of us cannot think about all of the objects simultaneously but we can switch from one thought to another. However, there is an approved method how to increase the possibilities of human thinking and how to gain control over 343 elements switching among them rapidly and not forgetting a single detail. Furthermore, this method helps a creative person to generate more valuable ideas, develop them and transform them into reality.

When we moved into a new apartment I started looking over my old documents, print-outs and notes. At one point of time I came across the notes that I had made before on detachable pages of a notepad. Having revised each idea carefully, I was stunned when I found a thought that I wrote down about 6 months ago and which still seemed very useful for me. It is ironic that the same thought about developing the methodology of gaining knowledge and skills came across my mind recently and appeared to be very new to me. I had been thinking about it for a long time because this idea was developed about 6 months ago but due to the peculiarities of human thinking it was well forgotten. At that given moment of time the idea was recorded in my mind but then I forgot it and did not return to it.

This is a distinctive feature of our thinking. Albert Einstein once said: “Computers are incredibly fast, accurate and stupid. People are incredibly slow, inaccurate and remarkable. Together they are an inconceivable force.” One of 10 commandments of effective lifestyle states “Think on paper” which I understand as using any type of device or resource that can “memorize” and then reproduce my thoughts. We can easily substitute paper with some software on the computer or a dictaphone.

It is good to think on paper because having written you thought, you can let it go and come back to it later. Would you like to know why? Both we and the world around us change very quickly and therefore a lot of our ideas lose their significance after some time. When we record our idea on paper we can come back to it tomorrow, look it over, correct it using the newly acquired information and knowledge. It means that after the thought is written down you have the freedom of consciousness, you can let you mind and creativity focus on the other goals and ideas.

It is very helpful to record only relevant ideas. Record your thought during the moments of inspiration, when you mind is clear, when your intentions are full of positive energy. A good idea itself can stimulate the inspiration. Having recorded you idea you retain your position and the energy of your thought on paper. What you write with your own hand can fully transmit the conception through handwriting, through the choice of words. Having looked over and rethought what you have written before, you can experience the feeling of enthusiasm again. When I was gathering the notes with my ideas at the end of every week, was sorting them out and rereading them I experienced elation and inspiration. The best moments of realization yourself and the surrounding world merged into a flow of energy. During this time I could better understand my true self. A lot of new ideas were generated then. It was very useful to record these ideas on paper.

Only the very important has the right to be recorded on paper. The most important in our life is the life itself, our destination, our life path, and our goals. Having recorded our goals on paper we can perfect their formula, look at them from different angles. We can also fully evaluate how the potential achievement of the goals can affect different aspects of our lives, how these goals correspond to our values and beliefs. When we put our goals in words we have a unique opportunity to observe it at any moment of time, in any state regardless of what is your mind occupied with. Now we see our goals in that very state in which we would like to accomplish them. If our desires are not recorded anywhere, don’t have a precise structure and change very often they remain in the form of desires and nothing more. On the other hand, the goal that was carefully recorded will every day advance you toward its achievement helping transform your dreams into reality.

Let’s say, you decided to start making more money. For example, you current salary as of April of 2008 is 3000$. You set a goal to double your monthly income by the current month of next year (it is better to specify the amount of money and the time, for example, 6000$ by June of 2009). The goal is recorded. Now you need to find the ways to achieve it. It is clear that you can think about it without the help of paper, computer or dictaphone but by doing it you will limit yourself because you will probably concentrate on a couple, or maybe even just one, of possible solutions. “Thinking on paper” you can generate a page worth of ideas just in couple minutes. Then take a look at what you’ve written. Get rid of ideas that can have a very little impact on your income. Look at what is left on the list; find the solutions that can maximize the outcome with minimum efforts. Then once again get rid of the thoughts that conflict with your values and beliefs. In such a way using 20/80 rule you can determine the easiest and the most positive way of achieving your goal. It is very unlikely to do the same thing while “thinking in your head”.

Such simple things as a notepad and a pen can incredibly widen the potential of your thinking. For example, you can define 7 vitally important goals in different spheres of your life such as Family, Profession, Relations, Personal Development, Finances, Health, and Society. Having written them down, you can create a list of important long-term tasks in every direction; let’s also make 7 of them. Then you might analyze every task applying to your subconsciousness and find 7 most effective ways of its accomplishment. Thus you have created your life chart, that very direction by following which you can become the happiest person on Earth perhaps even helping others on your way. The most important feature of the chart is that you can always make corrections and additions to it after acquiring new knowledge and new details. The existence of such chart and especially its dynamic editing is impossible in your head. Do you have this type of chart? I do. It is kept in Action Outline. I always refer to it when making important decisions in order not to be carried away and to retain my true self. I wish you also build you own perfect life while thinking on paper!

Thinking on paper raises your consciousness ;) .


#1 millicent addo on 04.07.08 at 7:10 pm

this is very motivating and i would like to see more of such inspiring things on this page. thanks alot.

#2 Niya nand tripathi on 06.05.08 at 6:41 am

it is very easy and effective way to improve the thinking and personality.

#3 joseph muigai on 02.05.09 at 4:47 pm

I like your copy of how to think effectively.Its encouraging especially to students.

#4 speedwell on 04.06.09 at 10:28 pm

it was an inspiring piece for the positive minded, an educating one at that.

#5 Dr Julius Bamwine on 05.01.09 at 2:02 pm

Doing alot of things without reflecting on the path you are taking can at times be dengerous. Thinking about ones’s goals carefully and reviewing them along the makes a difference.

#6 peter cheruyot on 05.09.09 at 10:15 am

thanks for your inspiring piece and keep it up.
In life direction is important than speed, thefore your motivational article is having good direction.
let us think in a positive way

#7 Albert Enekwe on 09.14.09 at 7:18 pm

This is really amazing..thinking on paper is what i will never forget to work on..Tnks..!

#8 Personal Development on 03.03.10 at 8:20 am

Notepad and pen. Essential tools for my daily life.

I recently started mind-mapping. It’s a great to barf out your ideas onto paper and then plan from there.


#9 somaye on 04.14.10 at 9:32 am

this is very intersting and useful. thanks alot

#10 peter cheruyot on 04.24.10 at 2:17 pm

why don’t expand this inspirational article

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