How to Become a Successful Person

What is success? Success is when you bask the glory. It is definitely success when you are getting some remarkable results. How to become a successful person? I do believe there are three important things: to know definition of your purpose, to know what your goals is and have a burning desire to accomplish that goals.

Do you know, what is your pre-encoded purpose? It is simple to know it from your context. E.g. if you handle something well and like to do it the most, it seems that it is your purpose to do it. If you still have not found your purpose, seize any opportunities to try something different from what you do everyday. If you find it, you will know and can loudly say to yourself: “This is my purpose to do this”. You can also refer to method proposed by Steve Pavlina in post “How to discover your life purpose in about 20 minutes” – I have tried it, and it works! Write down your propose and refer anytime you are setting goals and doing important decisions.

Do you know exactly what you want? What do you want to achieve in 5 years? How do you imagine yourself in one year? What will you do, if you know that in 6 months a thunderbolt will kill you? Is it the same thing which you are doing right now? If it is not so, you have to change your life. Set yourself a target you want to achieve and start going right now! You can refer to “How to Set Goals” manual at wikiHow. And even if you are not certain about is it the best target you can set or not – set it anyway. To have any goal set by yourself is better that not to set anything. If you do not do this, somebody else, like your boss, friend, partner, stranger or society will do it for you.

When you know your purpose and you have set a goal, do not procrastinate – do it now! Don’t play it safe, every day take any chance to move to your target. Imagine how you will feel, when you achieve it. Everyone should see a fire in your eyes. Feed yourself with motivation material, like this post, every morning on breakfast – and success will come. You can inspire youself by ideas from article “Cultivating Burning Desire“.
So if you want to be a successful person – now you know what to do. If it is still not clear – possibly you have to reread this again :) . Do it now!


#1 vinod kumar.g on 02.29.08 at 8:42 pm

It is very good …….I realy try this

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#3 Matt on 06.03.08 at 8:46 am

Great blog.. Thanks for the interesting article..

#4 lopo on 06.10.08 at 6:57 pm

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#5 Muralidharan on 06.17.08 at 8:52 am

Thanks for this article, It is really interesting and good guidance to fix a goal and work for that.

#6 Musafa Orya on 07.03.08 at 10:24 pm

This piece of writing really good and clear too. We can find what life is for if we read the article tactfully. Regards

#7 jayaruban on 07.09.08 at 12:45 pm

This is very best.
I hope this words make fire in my eyes.
Thanks for your help full words.
………..write more…….

#8 Mohammed on 08.10.08 at 1:53 pm

It is really work for me. I wil do it

#9 justine on 08.26.08 at 12:31 pm

thank,thank you so much it real work

#10 Jose on 09.10.08 at 12:37 am

I like to be connected with powerful people of the planet, join with us and we can make the difference. I need help to grow now.

#11 mikegas on 09.11.08 at 11:27 am

well said! i now know how to start my target! thanks!!!

#12 arun sah on 09.23.08 at 5:39 pm

don’t know wht to tell.but i want to get some idea

#13 sheewei on 10.06.08 at 8:57 am

Thanks for your suggestion..
It is useful for me..
I will try it…
Thanks a lot…

#14 kemo on 10.18.08 at 7:53 am

well said!
it is too useful!
thanks a lot

#15 kamal on 10.25.08 at 11:45 am

This is good….keep writing

#16 Prem on 10.26.08 at 7:50 pm

It’s only to say and listen but in reality it is too harsh……So even some of You believe.Don’t even try to follw it if U r completely devoted otherwise U’ll leave lots of important tings in YOur life.Its not to easy….

#17 anonymous on 10.28.08 at 9:28 am

Action is louder than word. Sometime it is easy to say but it is adversely to put it into action.

#18 Khalid Gul on 10.31.08 at 11:17 am

Impressive & pretty convince with this article……. I believe self analyses & self control is the most demandable element to understand about yourself, Specially when if you try to handle your own attitude towards an awkward response, more importantly when if you are in a crowed & someone is trying to rundown you by coming up with some awkwardly unbearable comments about you & you feel like a pressure cooker which might burst any moment but you keep a tight grip to control on your nervous & just have a look into his eyes & suddenly brings a smile on your face… That is the exact moment of your SUCCESS because “Respecting your opponents is the first step towards understanding them”!!!!

#19 Amit H. Jadhav on 11.19.08 at 6:35 pm

Myself is Amit, I am Very Serious Minded Person,I always Think that I am Alone in the World

#20 Ishmael Cheofor on 12.23.08 at 1:48 pm

I have always had great ambition in life but often surrender midway whenever i target a project because of lack of finanancial support
Please advice me to make my life annd that of my family a success
May GOD bless you

#21 admin on 12.24.08 at 9:00 am

What value have you tried to create and deliver?

#22 pradeep dhar dwivedi on 01.06.09 at 7:34 am

I here by that this recommendations is really very worthwhile for every doubtful person who is not getting his goal due to lack of important please definitely you must have to study this suggestion.

#23 Lenin on 01.23.09 at 6:40 pm

It works but not in every cases. You need to have enough time to full fill your goal. I want to be a famous World champion fighter but it only became a dream. As people says dreams never come true. I am trying to go where my heart takes me. But, no use. It does not help me to reach my goal. I am already 25 years old. I am crazy of becoming a World champion fighter but do not know when the day will come.

#24 Shaolin on 01.23.09 at 6:46 pm

Hello, guys, these are all fake. One thing remember that “Money hai to Honey hai”. If you have money then you can achieve your goal or else forget it. Don’t listen to others. It will just give you happiness for a few seconds. But when you will come out from your dreams and get in to the real world then you will realise.

#25 aishwarya on 02.05.09 at 3:55 pm

hey guys,
These doesnot work on every cases….but they get success in only some cases….so follow ur soul and think a lot before doing anything…….
that will lead us all to success…

#26 apam emmanuel on 02.11.09 at 3:50 pm

hi bro,this is really nice.have really learn along from your article.
u have enlighting me more on this,thanks and keep on writing,cos you have really change life with this.
all the best bro……….

#27 TAKE on 02.17.09 at 4:35 pm

Thanks for your good advices. Now i known how i need to do next in the future. I will do as your sugguested. I hope I will can change my life and it will better

#28 TAKE on 02.17.09 at 4:45 pm

Thanks for your good advices. Now i known how i need to do next in the future. I will do as your sugguested. I hope I will can change my life and it will better. See u next time bro.

#29 Всеволод Макаров on 03.25.09 at 9:55 am

Вообще, честно говоря, комментарии тут гораздо занятнейсамих сообщений. (Не в обиду автору, конечно :) )

#30 CEKPET on 03.26.09 at 12:08 pm

В очередной раз спасибо, хорошие что есть такие люди как вы, которые дают дейстивтельно полезные советы:)

#31 shankar on 04.20.09 at 5:07 am

thanks for this great motivational blog.its awesome for everyone.

#32 Mak on 05.08.09 at 11:50 pm

I can’t say who is right or who is wrong,but i want to say that do every thing that u like bcoz there is only one chance as a man.

#33 Maulik on 05.08.09 at 11:51 pm

Go on

#34 Dhiraj Joshi on 05.15.09 at 11:20 pm

Thanks for that lovely and meaningful blog,
but I also think that its all about the colors of the life, “If there are 365 days then there should be 365 colors, now its upto an individual that what color he/she will choose”. If an individual can put his/her efforts toward the right direction, the chances will become high to achieve the desired target.

#35 racheal on 05.26.09 at 10:25 am

good…it’s basic of our daily…every day we r someone….the most important is desire….

#36 shahid khan on 06.03.09 at 3:51 pm

there r more things are written by great thoughts but the walking on is very difficult and manage ourself to do things well. every one understand just i think this article is reminder for us .we knew already things that what we can do and how but we do not follow by lazying ourself.

#37 imran karim on 06.03.09 at 4:07 pm

a person who dnt know where exactly he is going reaches to no it is necessary to select the right way ,destination and direction in order to becom successful in life.

#38 imran karim on 06.03.09 at 4:11 pm

thanks for such kind of gret advices

#39 Asif Azmi on 06.09.09 at 6:05 am

This is good to learn but don’t have any practicle advise which may work in field, need to be realistic like should we deal seprately to desire and emotion somtimes we need to deal it seprately.

#40 jawed on 06.14.09 at 2:03 pm

i think every person is different in his/her own way motivational topics are good to follow but it requires dedication from the person or its no use.just try to be devoted to whatever ur goal & u will see sucess sooner.bcoz its ultimately we who decides how much we want in life.if u want more u have to give more of urself to that work.

#41 Likingo Michael on 06.23.09 at 1:33 pm

A good attitude turns your success switches ON.
A good attitude is not an accident, it is a habit and a skill that you have to build for yourself.
Spend your time doing something of value.
All lasting success is built on positive values.
Practice every day, keeping a positive attitude.
Never quit, Never stop, Never give up.

#42 Sweetia on 06.24.09 at 2:19 am

Thank u so much for the tips. I really enjoyed reading it and believe me this is going to make a big change in my upcoming future. Thanks to you.

Ladies and gentlemen…If there is no purpose then what are we looking up to?

#43 Sameera: on 07.18.09 at 7:17 pm

Hi! This is a very useful article. A person who wants to become some thing in his life’ searches for such articles to motivate him self… never believe in comments of such people who refer these articles as fake, because I think they are not interested to achieve some thing except of discouraging others…. so, keep on reading articles… because reading some thing is good to motivate your self than remaining idle.

#44 Vanda 88 on 08.12.09 at 9:30 pm

This is the good article
Keep find most than that
thank …………………. and most thank !

#45 Ali Azmat on 08.15.09 at 6:05 pm

simply to say”just do Hard work Sincerely,every thing will become change…thats it

#46 Abdulkader Beshir on 08.28.09 at 8:41 pm

thanks for your great advice, it’s realy intersting

#47 SETH SALMON on 10.07.09 at 2:08 am

Thanks you for giving a good advice, i’ll do it now.

#48 marke on 10.09.09 at 9:02 am

U r right
i am a chinese,but i believe it is out of national boundry,3QU

#49 nasim on 10.12.09 at 2:52 pm

Thanks 4 your good advice.

#50 Mubo on 10.17.09 at 3:06 pm

I have to star from somewhere. Great advice!

#51 kailash agrawal on 12.23.09 at 7:30 pm

success is a word if u concentrate it carefully that can make u a person if u dont then no expectation of good result.

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#53 Anil meena on 02.06.10 at 6:17 pm

Never think to done tommorow

#54 Jero on 02.22.10 at 12:35 pm

I will do it right now!Thank you!!! :)

#55 Elmaker on 03.09.10 at 10:24 am

reply to shaoline:

Shaoline says:
Hello, guys, these are all fake. One thing remember that “Money hai to Honey hai”. If you have money then you can achieve your goal or else forget it. Don’t listen to others. It will just give you happiness for a few seconds. But when you will come out from your dreams and get in to the real world then you will realise.

Elmaker Says: hey dude… don’t you understand this topic that well? coz what we are talking about here is not only about personality, it does relates to how to make money as well… if I am poor i would ask my self how could I be rich. and apply whatever I have read including this topic. damn you! =)

#56 AMOS P NCHABELENG on 03.10.10 at 10:53 pm

Thank you for the message that you have delivered to me about the success,i really foubd it very interesting.

#57 KIMMY on 03.21.10 at 6:36 pm

Thanks,I will try it.

#58 donna on 03.23.10 at 9:35 pm

i do belive what your saying,but im 28 and i still dont no wat to do for me or my family,confidence is 1 thing then theres money then the nockbacks and around all this there’s the children.some people have had the cards delt there way some havent,i just dont no where to start,i am a slow learner but if im shown im so good ,everything these days is down to wat ya have on paper,which i dont have as i was bullied at school.and i have to start all over .to be honest i loved school and learning and now life is so hard i really dont no why im still here ,i wish i was all of the above and dont ever think ill be successful in a job money and children keep me going but now there clever which i hoped ,thankgod. i cant even steer them in a successful direction,im just not very lucky .i will try tho ,good luck to me eh .

#59 Mikhail Subach on 03.27.10 at 7:01 am

If you want to make you children successful, you have to become a successful person first. Find out, what you like to do the most, understand how you can provide value to people with that and become master in it. When you love what you do, provide value to people and do in on a professional level, the money are inevitable.

#60 ALi Hasan Jat on 06.09.10 at 7:25 pm

yes it is realy true and always works.i myself is practical example of it.

#61 alek on 06.15.10 at 2:25 pm

thanks very much for the article.i will work it on to get the best in is so great.

#62 Surendra K on 06.20.10 at 12:49 pm


It a very good article, will try it.

#63 Alisha on 06.23.10 at 1:12 pm

i think that it really works

#64 Alisha on 06.23.10 at 1:14 pm

could you send me some extra information

#65 dani on 07.03.10 at 2:37 pm

I do not know how to become successful person? because now I am person that do not have plane clearly and I am a person lasy Could you tell me about your idea?

#66 Naveen Dhileepan on 07.13.10 at 9:49 pm

This is the very best article , every suceeded person would have done this , i wish all the human being should come to know this & become a sucessful person in life.

#67 mehreen on 07.15.10 at 5:45 pm

its really a nice article………if we read it carefully it really motivates us i seriously like it………

#68 abdur rahman on 08.04.10 at 10:40 am

No need to read it
article is very nice but it is very difficult to act on above advices especially for a person who has no love in his life and no one encourage him. so I say to all my friends love is a strong passion you can easily achieve your goal when you fall in love . Son you should fall in love.

#69 Mark Arthur on 08.15.10 at 2:55 am

You know what ? I have just read that and i think i will try it today.
any way what i read is very cool because i passing through very hard times right now, and i am searching for a solution for my problems, so everybody wish me good luck.
thanks alot.

#70 Nusky on 08.22.10 at 11:20 am

Really nice article. I expect some changes in my life after reading it.

#71 Bilal on 08.28.10 at 10:19 am

thanks from your Advise, it is very nice issue, i have to be a successful person in the future and i must try to do this, regard

#72 Joshmandre on 10.25.10 at 12:21 pm

I like the way you have put it and need you more,am doing degree in microfince year twobut tuition problem seem to stop me fromgeting my dream pliz need your help emortional and financialy,in uganda kyambogo university,24yrs

#73 unknown on 11.28.10 at 6:48 pm

with all my respect….i think those steps that written to make me succeed will exhaust me; because if i plan for what should i do for every step in my life,,,that will be destructive for my brain,,,
take my advise, always do the right thing and god will make you succeed.

#74 mehreen on 12.01.10 at 1:24 pm

hi I really found this article motivating. It bossts up person aspirations and goals the person has tp achieve in his life .
Surely after reading this article everyone will understand the true meaning of sucess and how to attain it.

#75 Nasiru Oladipupo Tajudeen on 03.10.11 at 12:13 pm

It cool one,i will also try n work something out. I like d’ one that person says. Am kind of person who also lookin forward to achieve my desire in being on on successful man wit love. So am supporting tha idea of love in part of does hings dat mak u stay focus in being on on successful one

#76 Laxmi Prasad on 03.17.11 at 3:13 pm

It’s real fantastic and truthful.. By going through this article we can think of our success efficiently..

thanks for providing this article on the web.

#77 Auon on 04.20.11 at 2:16 pm

Really a very interesting post. Its fact that a man can succeed in his life if he knows himself and his goals

#78 Nishhhh on 04.25.11 at 11:25 am

These beautiful lines really touched my heart and brought desiring thoughts in my mind…
as i really want to do something in my life…
because a life without goal is not called a life with success ahead….. motivation is a good aspect of lives…and u did it!! thankxx alot lot… =)

#79 Tamal Krishna Chandra on 05.24.11 at 9:00 am

Great article. You surely have good knowledge on the subject of life. According to me, you are successful only when you fully satisfied with whatever you have in your life. Others may not call you successful. But still you are successful l. Because you are fully satisfied with your life conditions. However, your articles definitely shows an unique way to live. Keep writing more such articles to help people. Have a nice day.

#80 Ejita on 05.31.11 at 6:04 pm

Hey, I think this is not for those who has not yet fix their goals. I love programming and I want to develop a website for my university fellows and now I’m 21 I can do it if I work hard. So the basically what this article tells us is that we must have confidence in our work.

#81 Frank on 06.23.11 at 3:10 pm

It’s a nice adverse for me,maybe I need to find a purpose at first.Thanks very much!

#82 Dipankar on 06.30.11 at 10:08 am

If you want to make you children successful, you have to become a successful person first. Find out, what you like to do the most, understand how you can provide value to people with that and become master in it.

#83 Lokman on 10.23.11 at 1:20 pm

It is a very interesting write up for every successful man.
A man cannot without targeting a goal. A targetless people like a boat without radder.

#84 sara on 11.18.11 at 5:15 pm

i’m just a child but what i understand is we need to work as a team in this world to make it a better place by first making sure that our lives are succesful then help others.

#85 Emmanuel on 12.24.11 at 2:20 pm

I like to be connected with powerful people of the planet, join with us and we can make the difference. I need help to grow now.

#86 Pst. Cephas Adams on 01.23.12 at 8:16 pm

I have always had great vision and this burning desire but in my world it seems am the only person leaving here on earth, no help from any were this life make me often surrender midway whenever i target a project because of lack of financial support
Please advice me to make my life and that of my family a success
May GOD bless you

#87 Joseph on 03.28.12 at 10:06 pm

You need to concentrate on yourself and other people in order to get what you want in life.

#88 cmbero on 06.04.12 at 10:04 am

I’m successful today, thanks…please keep on doing your good work, much love :-)

#89 mohamadreza on 06.19.12 at 1:18 pm

it was so imazing and it has good effect to my observing to around of myself!i am chosing MY PURPOSE it s MONEY!!
oh my god i forgot you!because i didn’t chose my first purpose that you were exeuseme!!(Ok??)
tnx for your website!!

#90 anas on 06.22.12 at 8:18 pm

Thank you a lot it really helps .

#91 Asadullah on 07.07.12 at 2:45 pm

I am agree with you, but there are some gaols that you have, but you do not have oppurtunities do acheive them, so what we will do at that time? e.g. Everyone needs love but someone cannot acheive it, because he/she does not have anyone, so what is the solution.

#92 Mahmoud on 07.26.12 at 4:23 am

It’s really useful article, I like success, coz it’s the most important thing in the life.
Set your goal, and will reach the success.

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