Believe it or not

Do you believe in Loch Ness monster existence? And what is you attitude to Unidentified Flying Objects? Do you believe in astrology, telepathy, biorhythms, reincarnation, Bermuda Triangle? You can believe in some phenomena and others can be considered as products of someone’s imagination. It is interesting that if you ask another person, which things s/he believes in, you will get different answer. Why do the answers differ? What is the right answer, if facts are contradictory?

One person believes in telepathy, another one says that you are a mind-reader, when you correctly guessing from time to time who is on the phone before you answer it, and the third denies an existence of anything, which begins with “telepath” string. It happens because everyone has different beliefs systems. Beliefs system is set of some rules and dogmas, which you are using in your everyday life. If you believe that evidence for a soul existence is regrettably short, it will be hard for your opponent to convince you of the reincarnation existence. However, it is a universal truth for every Buddhist. Some beliefs give you a freedom in thoughts and actions, others cut down you creative thinking. Our beliefs are different in relevance, steadiness and usefulness. They build our attitude to the world.

The most useful feature of beliefs system is that we can change it. If something closes new opportunities in front of you, just rebuild you system. You have not to switch between different religions, but you can change some of the conceptual beliefs. In other words you can change some beliefs, imagine an outcome of their change and save changes in your mind. If you are a perfectionist and fond of doing everything as better as possible, just be sure, that humans can make mistakes. The first belief can lead to procrastination in performing huge but important for you tasks, while the second one could help you to take control on your life and even become an overachiever.
When I started to get into the habit to wake up at 5 am, I believed that it is possible to live and work with only 3 hours of sleep. Some years ago I believed that it is necessary to sleep from 6 to 9 hours per day (in average 8 ) in order to live happily. 3h-belief helped me to turn over a new leaf – today is an 11th day as I am an early riser. But what would happen if I went on with 8h-belief installed in my mind being woken by alarm at 5 am, when the day before I was go into bed at 12pm? It seems I would have done what I used to do in such cases before – turn it off and go back to bed. This small believe help be to from a habit, another one could help you to change your life.

When you are facing with question, believe it or not, I recommend for you to make a conscious choice. Does it help you to believe in alien visitors or not? Make a decision only for yourself, but ask yourself, how the world will change in your eyes after that? Of course, you must not ignore facts and data. However if data are contradictory, the choice is yours, believe it or not.

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